• Nanomembrane quartz heating tube
  • Quick heating water dispenser heating body
  • Quick-heating kitchen treasure heating body
  • The electric boiler uses the heater heating body
  • Mini water boiler heating body
  • Nanofilm heating module
  • Quartz heater
  • New product


01Ten years of focus on development

The company covers an area of 6000 square meters and has fixed assets of 10 million yuan

The introduction of advanced production equipment and skilled technical personnel

Is a professional manufacturer of quartz products, is committed to do belong to the quality products, to create an image of the brand.

02Designated partners of industry brands

Since its establishment, the company has focused on the research and development of quartz products, and is committed to becoming a leader in the quartz products industry with professional attitude and service and superb technology

Adhere to the tenet of being a top enterprise and creating a world brand

Stick to the idea of improving a little bit each day, consistently

03Improve pre-sales and after-sales services

Perfect pre-sales consultation to answer customers' ordering questions

Perfect sales service, to provide customers with detailed experience

Perfect after-sales service, so that customers experience the true use of rest assured, satisfaction after use

04Directly supplied by the manufacturer

The company has become a close partner of many famous enterprises in China.

Customers can come to our company for field visits to further understand the products and enterprises.

05Launch multiple cooperation methods

The company has a team in all aspects of technology, and now applies for invention zhuanli3, utility model zhuanli6, software copyright 3.

Passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification.

Our company has strong technical force, excellent product quality, all product indicators have passed the strict testing of customers, and has become a close partner of many famous domestic enterprises.



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About us


Donghai Anhui Electric Heating Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in the research and development of electric heating energy-saving environmental protection materials. The company has a more perfect product development, production, testing means and after-sales service system. At present, our company in the field of electric heating materials, has a complete team of technology, the company's existing college degree or above accounted for 30%

Contact Us

Donghai Anhui Electric Heating Technology Co., LTD

Contact: Manager Li

Mobile: 13775410781

Email: 1508028999@qq.com

Company website: www.a17873.cn

Address:Southeast side of intersection of Huanghe Road and 245 Provincial Road, Donghai Jingkai District, Lianyungang City



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